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cop-04White Ribbon thanks all nine participating organizations in the National Community of Practice project, and to our funder Status of Women Canada. Together, we have created an online toolkit profiling promising practices, case studies, evaluation tools, and workshop activities geared to promote healthy masculinities and prevent gender-based violence.  Learn from the experience of organizations from Kentville, Nova Scotia to Whitehorse, Yukon! Whether you are a service provider interested in gender-based violence prevention programming, or just getting started in learning about gender equality, inclusion and healthy masculinities, we’ve got a resource for you!

To deepen your awareness and learn about healthy and positive masculinities, visit CAN prevent gender-based violence.

Project Background & Partners

National Evaluation Framework_CoP_Page_01A National Evaluation Framework

One of the three main activities of the National Community of Practice consists of developing a National Evaluation Framework (NEF). The nine NCoP partner organizations contributed their evaluation documentation, their program experience and exploration of the local context which was crucial in developing the framework. An initial evaluation needs assessment was conducted with partner organizations to inform the development of the framework. The NEF aims to identify shared results across the programs and provide an evaluation resource tool for others in the gender-based violence prevention sector.

We couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the NEF with you now.

[English – PDF – 842K]

Meaningful collaboration. Creating compelling tools.  Knowledge sharing.

This is our inspiration in spearheading a National Community of Practice (CoP)

White Ribbon is thrilled to coordinate a CoP focused on promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing to advance our collective efforts in engaging men and boys for gender-based violence prevention.  Funded by Status of Women Canada, we are spearheading the development of a National CoP to share lessons learned, promising practices and unpacking challenges to engage men and boys.  We value the diversity of our project partners approaches, programmatic contexts and experience.

Our project partners include the following organizations (listed alphabetically):


Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS), Edmonton, Alberta

Broadway Neighbourhood Center, Winnipeg, MB

Centre d’accueil et d’accompagnement francophone des immigrants du Sud-Est du Nouveau-Brunswick (CAFI), Moncton, NB

Changing Ways, London, ON

Chrysalis House Association, Kentville, NS

Les EssentiElles, Whitehorse, Yukon

Nova Vita Women’s Shelter, Brantford, ON

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, Ottawa, ON

Students Commission of Canada, Toronto, ON

Shared Values:

  • Importance of acknowledging the accomplishments and continued work by leading women activists and women’s organizations in the gender-based violence sector.
  • Desire to learn from diverse men with significant experience in engaging with other men and boys to promote healthy masculinities and address gender issues.
  • Power of partnership and collaboration- Engaging boys and men for violence prevention and gender equality requires  authentic and  meaningful  partnerships between  pro-feminist men’s organizing and  women’s  organizations,  as  well  with  diverse  organizations  across  multiple sectors.
  • Inclusive practice in all aspects of CoP processes and valuing the diversity of our membership
  • Affirm a “diversity” approach when looking at gender. That people of diverse gender identities (including transgender, gender questioning, two-spirited, intersex, genderqueer, bigender, genderless) understand and live out gender in a myriad of ways, as well as experience and use power differently.
  • Action-based: Utilize a positive and strength-based approach to engage boys and men and women and girls to identify strategies they can use in their everyday life which will enable them to build egalitarian and respectful relationships.
  • Girls and women’s safety and security- Evidence-based and demonstration of gender equitable attitudes and behaviours in boys and men is critical to ensure efficacy of our programs.

As a National CoP we have collaborated on the development of a National Evaluation Framework which builds from our partner’s expertise and unique approaches to evaluation. We will also be developing an impact and promising practices report and Made-in-Canada online toolkit focused on engaging men and boys for gender-based violence prevention in 2016. Stay tuned for these resources posted on our website.



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For more information on the National Community of Practice project contact Kate Bojin, Project Manager, kb[email protected]

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