issue_brief_01It is our sincere pleasure to share with you the launch announcement of our latest resource: Engaging Men and Boys to Reduce and Prevent Gender-Based Violence, an Issue Brief commissioned by Status of Women Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) would like to gratefully acknowledge the support and confidence of Status of Women Canada (SWC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) in selecting us to prepare this important Issue Brief: Engaging Men and Boys to Reduce and Prevent Gender-Based Violence.

This Issue Brief was commissioned to provide an overview of efforts to engage men of all ages in efforts to reduce and prevent gender-based violence in Canada and around the world.

Engaging men and boys is an essential component of realizing transformative change on the issue of gender-based violence.

This Issue Brief is rooted in three basic premises:

  1. Work with men and boys is necessary. As perpetrators, the target audience for primary prevention, holders of the social norms and influencers on other men, men must to be engaged to reduce and prevent gender-based violence.
  2. Work with men and boys can be effective. As the evidence base grows, evaluation data appears, lessons are learned, and best practices are shared, we know this may be the missing compliment to past decades of work.
  3. Work with men and boys can be positive. There is a much broader spectrum of positive roles for men and boys to play than perpetrator or potential perpetrator of gender-based violence. These roles not only prevent and reduce violence against women and promote gender equality, but also improve the lives of men and boys by freeing them from these harmful and limiting aspects of masculinities.

The Issue Brief examines the many dimensions of gender-based violence; impacts on communities of interest; the evidence base, frameworks, strategies and positive roles men can play; and finally some of the risks, limitations and additional considerations in this field of work.

In all of our efforts at the WRC we salute the courage and conviction of every woman who has fought for gender equality and struggled to end violence against women and girls; you have been at the fore of this work for decades, we are humbled and inspired by the work you have done. It is our sincere hope that this Issue Brief will contribute to our shared vision of ending gender-based violence in Canada.

For questions, comments or other considerations, please contact:
Todd Minerson, Executive Director, White Ribbon Campaign

Please click the link below to download a full-colour PDF copy of the Issue Brief available in French or in English.

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